When in Rome..

When in Rome..

A delayed post on random shots I caught from when we went to Rome.

My boyfriend deserves an award for organising this because I’ve always wanted to visit Rome. This was a surprise birthday present and I literally had no clue until he handed me the envelope with the flight tickets, hotel confirmation and all the tour guides & info I needed to know! So… M, if you’re reading this, I love you :)

There are honestly no photos and no amount of editing that can truly show you how amazing this place is. We visited the Vatican City and St. Peter’s Basilica. It was literally the true meaning of priceless. Endless amount of art and gold all around us.

Michael Angelo hand painted the inside of the Sistine Chapel (where we weren’t allowed to take photos). Rafael has a few room’s named after him in the Vatican Museum where he painted in those, however he did have help from his students!

When we travel; we try to enjoy getting around like a regular citizen. It really gives us the feel of being someone who lives there. We took the metro (trains) and visited different (some random) areas, ate foo at the local spots & enjoyed the winter sun and even more so the beautiful architecture that surrounded us!