This post is solely about make up artists or aspiring make up artists wanting to work on make up counters!

It seems that a lot of girls (& boys) that are into make up, want to work on a make up counter for their favourite brand. I’m going to help you understand the dynamics of what it is like, the pros and the cons of doing so!

Ok so firstly, this is obviously something I am experienced in, I’ve worked for Dior for a year and am currently working with an agency that recruit for Loreal Luxe brands such as Lancôme, Giorgio Armani beauty, Yves Saint Laurent, Kiehl’s, Shu Uemura, Urban Decay, Maison Martin Margiela & more! Whilst with the agency I’ve mainly just been working with Giorgio Armani, I’ve done a couple Yves Saint Laurent shifts & also done Lancôme.

Both experiences are very different to each other, I’m going to explain how with a pros and cons list & hopefully that helps.



  1. The history and heritage of the company is amazing. It really makes you so excited and so proud to work for them.
  2. Regular workshops/training, for new launches and even just random ones to freshen up your passion for working for the brand. All of which, every time you go, you receive amazing freebies!
  3. Massive discounts which will really help build your make up kit.
  4. Great quality products, you get to try and work with really high quality products and learn new things all the time.
  5. Great practice to better your skills as you get a wide variety of skin colours/tones/shades & skin types! Working there made me fully confident in working with ANY skin colour or skin type.
  6. Let’s be honest, it is a pretty glam job for retail & probably the easiest retail job to have! All the products you handle are small so stock is never crazy & usually always out on the shop floor, no back & forth running to stock rooms and back (only rarely).


  1. You have to wear heels! You can wear short heels but it has to be a heel. For some reason, I’m totally fine with wearing heels when I go out but when it is at work standing for 8 hours, I just can’t cope lol!
  2. It is still based around sales of course, so you have to meet targets as all brands do. You have that at the back of your mind, & it kinda takes away from the passion of just applying make up because it’s your passion.
  3. Customer’s not knowing what they want. Example: A customer walks up to you asking for a colour match, you match them correctly and perfectly because they’ve asked for their “natural” colour and then they say “No, light and natural”, you try one shade lighter with it just about looking natural and they ask for even lighter. This will eventually become so draining of having to keep changing the colour and reapplying & just literally sucks the passion out of you.
  4. Honestly, overall there isn’t that many cons when I think about it but if you really love doing make up on others as a career choice, working in an environment where it revolves around sales & not as much make overs, but more colour matching and just flash makeovers will really make you question if you still like doing make up lol!



  1. You get to work with various different luxury brands, try different products all the time and meet new people regularly.
  2. Learning about different products from different brands so you have a wide knowledge on make up products/brands
  3. Working in a different environment, I’ve mainly done Harrods but you can get placed in all different department stores, which can be fun.
  4. You get no commission so you don’t have the stress of meeting targets & you  can literally leave work behind once you leave to go home.
  5. You get to choose your shifts. You get sent a list of all the available options for which days, hours, brand and even which store you’ll be in and you just reply to the ones you can do. Perfect if you’re studying, if you have another job and even if you have kids.


Honestly not that many, mainly the same as the cons I mentioned above. Especially the whole “sucking the passion out of you”.

Overall, if you are finding it hard to get hired by a big make up brand because you don’t have experience, I would really recommend working with an agency first so you get to work with different brands and get experience working with make up on counter. You will also get a feel of what it is like and you can choose if you would like to continue doing that but for one brand or you may change your mind and want to do something completely different!

The main con for the make up counters is as I said the whole passion thing. If you are genuinely passionate about the art of make up and application as well as enjoy seeing your clients feel happy and confident then this will definitely at some point, drain that out of you. It becomes less about the artistry and more about the sales, some people don’t mind and absolutely love it. However, I’m a very passionate person (it’s one thing I love and hate about myself) so that’s why it isn’t my ideal choice of work – It is just part time for me whilst I work on my portfolio and private clients for the moment.

Always go for what you want. Try it and if you don’t like it, at least you’ll know for sure it isn’t for you rather than wandering “what if?” If it is for you, excel at it! :)

Any other questions regarding make up & work, feel free to email me or DM me, I always reply to people and try help as best as I can. Alternatively you can message me on tumblr.

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