In continuation of my last post about Montenegro, this is the restaurant I said I needed to write a separate post about!

About 100m walk away from the Ulcinj Castle, we found this little gem.  We walked down these steps first, and had a little walk around the restaurant taking pics of the view, as you do. We were so impressed that we decided to stop off and have some lunch. After being seated, we got speaking to the waiter about the restaurant and asked if it was new because we had never seen or heard of it! To our surprise, he kindly let us know that actually, it has been open for about 20 years & is very well known, (shame). They get tourists from all over the world, that go and visit it. It is run by an Albanian family, which once again ticked the feeling at home factor as there wasn’t a language  barrier. It is of course, a sea food place.

The gorgeous, old brick tile detailing

As we had been walking around in the sun for a couple hours, this was a perfect place to sit, unwind and enjoy some seafood! My parent’s ordered a massive platter for two, unfortunately I didn’t take pics of it on my camera, only iPhone so I don’t want a mish mash of different photo qualities.

We were seated on the “inside” bit as I think we had all had enough of the sun from walking around in it. The table was situated perfectly, right on the corner & at the edge of the restaurant. The only thing you could see is ocean & the shore near it. It was breathtaking.




Ok this is so bad but I know the different fish in English, but I couldn’t tell what they were in Albanian, so the waiter literally brought us the fish that they were serving on the day. We had so many questions about it all & you can tell he was really experienced and had a lot of knowledge in what he was talking about.
My brothers and I ordered a fish each, that came with potatoes, calamari and prawns. Now this is the amazing bit, we each had a plate like this (but each had a different fish on it).. So that’s a total of 3 dishes for €34! Guys, that is insane!!! That is like £25 for three dishes of seafood. The low price didn’t mean low quality either because this was some of the BEST seafood I have ever had. Yes, bold statement but it really was. It was all cooked to absolute perfection. Ah, *mouth waters* I want it now.