Back at it again with another essay of a post just venting to you lot!

This is somewhat related to the last self love post, but I do have another one saved in my phone notes for another time! I tend to just vent in my notes & then eventually write a blogpost if I feel it is needed!

The reason I’m writing this today is because after speaking with a friend earlier, about her worrying about some little things in her personal life, I was giving her advice and as I was doing so, it reminded me how important it is that we all are positive & that we can and should try and pass that onto other people!

I’ve spoken to many people/friends who find themselves in difficult situations in their lives & get so caught up in that, that they forget there is so much to always be thankful for (even myself). I want to write this like I’m speaking to yet another friend, being positive is not about having a perfect life & being happy all the time because of it. It goes way beyond the current situations that face us in life. It really is a way of living, as humans we naturally can’t be happy and bubbly 24/7, we’re not robots; we go through loads of emotions.. It’s ok to be in a dark place & not be happy.. Just don’t let that become you, don’t let it consume you. I always say “Just chill, send out love in life, let go & let god”. We can’t control the things that happen to us but we can control how we react and how we allow them to affect us.

I’m so content with my life, & I am still no where near where I want to be but I have soooo much to be thankful for regardless of my “goals”! We tend to forget the small things in life that are the TRUE luxuries; health, love & life.. I thank god daily for my parents, brothers, partner & everyone else I love; for being healthy & alive;  I then pray and send out positive thoughts for anyone that’s fighting a battle & in suffering; wether its a battle within themselves, their family, partner, a war in their country, living in poverty..  Anything at all, things I can’t even imagine, I just pray that their suffering becomes lighter & easier upon them. I read somewhere that feeling sorry for the world, is sending out negative energies & doesn’t create anything positive in the environment, but rather just adds more bad energy into the atmosphere. It makes so much sense, it’s the same for ourselves. By feeling bad for yourself, you’re putting out that negative energy that your life is something to feel sorry for.

It may sound so weird because when I was younger I was aware of all this positive & negative energy, from the ages of like 15/16 to around 18/19, but looking back now I feel like I was just lost. I had so much stupidness going on in my head, I was around negative people who would literally drain my energy, I had a lot of anger & resentment and as open minded as I thought I was at the time, I was also very naive & ignorant to a lot of things! Ever since I made changes to my life, friendships, work (basically everything) – everything else took a turn for the better! Letting go of negative thoughts & people/situations, is SO beneficial and SO important to us, people don’t realise but “bad” people, bad situations and even our own insecurities lead us to carry on so many other traits that we could really do without.  Of course I was only a teen, so naturally I couldn’t have been as wise as I feel I am now (but still always learning, everyday) but I would be so judgmental of things, & that in itself is BAD FOR YOU. You can sit here and judge others and be horrible to others, careless about their feelings, but at the end of the day these are just more NEGATIVE things that you are carrying in your OWN mind, body and soul, unnecsarily!

I recently broke out with spots SO bad and it was making me so upset and confused because I didn’t know the cause so I didn’t know how to deal with & then I had to just stop and bring myself back down to reality like “Hello? There are kids that are dying, people that have lost their limbs, & everything else that goes on on our planet, how can I complain about SPOTS? A breakout?!” – It’s SO easy to get caught up in the wrong things and lose sight of what is important; health, love & life. It’s these things that make me want to talk about self love so much, some of you will only see it as an exterior appearance thing but self love is SO much more as I said in my previous post. It’s about being in touch with yourself, about loving yourself at your worst and at your best, it’s about loving yourself enough to let go of people & situations that are of no positive benefit to you and your life. I haven’t mastered it myself yet, but I feel I’m almost there & I find that by speaking about it to others, it also helps me & makes me learn more about myself! I’m a constant work in progress.

We are so much more than what we’re made to believe, we’re more than the images shown in the media, we’re more than our bodies & our faces. We’re more than our weight, our height, our shape. We’re more than our mistakes. We’re more than our past and we’re more than the “future”. We are the universe, our souls are energy. When I look back to myself 6 years ago, I don’t know who that person was anymore! Scratch that, even two years ago, a year ago even! I try and allow myself to constantly learn new things about people, about myself, about our universe & planet.. I want to know as much as possible in order to just let my mind grow more and more.

I’m rambling on now, so I guess the point that I want to make with this post is that, don’t take things too seriously. ALL of us go through good & bad things in life, ALL of us have insecurities, even the person you think is perfect head to toe, has things they don’t like about themselves. Take care of yourself, in every aspect; don’t allow your mind & soul to be consumed with negativity, let go of things & let God/the universe take control sometimes. Live your life for you & let others do the same.

I started to write a small note daily & put it inside a bon bon jar. I write something good that happened that day, no matter how small; even if I’ve had a bad day; I think of the one moment even if it was for a second, that I felt good & I write that down. I recommend everyone to do this because at the end of the year, or just when you’re feeling down; you can take the notes out and see all the things that make you happy on a day to day basis. It can be so simple guys, literally; if i go out with my mum & have a good day; I write that down and I write how it made me feel! Writing it down, makes you see it for yourself which instantly uplifts your mood and makes you send out positivity energy.. Be grateful for all things & good will find you.

ON A SIDE NOTE:  As a disclaimer, I gain NOTHING from sitting here for how long writing this stuff.. It doesn’t pay me or my bills, it doesn’t make my loved ones love me more LOL! Seriously though, I do this because by trying to help others, I also help myself.. I’m always learning and opening up to more and more & as I do so, I want to share it! I always want people to have better and do better than their current so that we can all share it and pass it around like sprinkles (or glitter lol)

I can keep quiet about all my views, I really don’t need to write this stuff but I want and choose to share my thoughts. Being a make up artist, honestly opened my eyes and mind to so much diversity and so much beauty; my clients open up to me about their insecurities & it would always bother me when people spoke negatively about themselves. By comforting them; I learnt more about myself & how ALL of us not just women & young girls, perceive ourselves. I want to use my platform not just to show my outfits & make up & the restaurants/hotels I visit but to also use it to help people (or person).

“We tend to judge things and people we don’t understand.. Knowledge is power & because of that, I know that what I don’t understand, I can’t have an opinion on.” A little quote I came up with and try to live by.

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You girls that email and DM me for advice, or tell me that I’ve helped you, make my heart warm! Thank you all so much.

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