Freedom pro studio brush bath

I am so glad Freedom have come up with this product. I’ve never used the small beauty blender ‘solid” cleanser, however I imagine this is the same style as that except way bigger and at a much more affordable/reasonable price point.

Gone are the days I pump product onto my brushes and swirl them onto the palm of my hands, taking forever to thoroughly clean them as well as leaving my hands completely dry! The effort in this process is 0 to none! All I had to do was wet my brush, swirl it into the ‘solid brush bath’, stick the make up revolution pro blush cleanse in my fingers and swirl and rub the brush directly onto it. Instantly I could see the make up residue leaving my brushes. I just continued to clean them until the water ran clear from the brush. I noticed the next day my brushes had NEVER felt so soft after a clean! The product smelt and felt like a conditioner (a solid one of course) so I can imagine whatever they’ve used to create this product, must have conditioning ingredients, hence why it left my brushes so silky smooth. By the way, these two tools; not only made washing my brushes easier and much more enjoyable but the way it cleaned my beauty blender in exactly two minutes and made it look BRAND NEW, I couldn’t stop telling my boyfriend how excited I was! Bless him, he couldn’t relate at all lol but I just had to share the excitement.

I’ve seen something similar to the pro cleansing tool by make up revolution somewhere else for a lot more money & I’ve also seen the beauty blender selling their solid cleanser at a much smaller size and a higher price.. So to be able to get these both for around £10 is just insane &  I recommend you ALL to go and buy and try them out!

Links to everything are listed in my previous post, here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the last three drugstore related posts!