skincare for acne prone skin
[L to R] Eau Thermale Avène Cleanance Gel. La Roche Posay: SEROZINC Toner, EFFACLAR H Moisturiser, EFFACLAR A.I. targeted spot cream.

I had this draft written and saved for quite some time now but it was literally an essay and I decided to remove all that and just get straight to it. To keep it simple, I have normal to oily skin, I get breakouts on my right cheek but my skin has also been really congested as it had loads of under the skin bumps that can’t really be popped.

Below, are pictures of the products I’ve been using and that I feel have improved my skin tremendously. I still have breakouts on my right cheek but that is a problem area for me and I’m just procrastinating, but a trip down to a dermatologist is very much needed. However, the crazy outbreak of red spots I had on my forehead (which aren’t normal, to me) have now ALL cleared and I no longer wear any foundation on my forehead as I love how my overall skin texture looks.

Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance
Step 1 (providing you have already removed your make up) use this as a face wash to remove any excess make up left behind, excess oils & dirt.

Also, aside from these products; another option that is great for acne prone skin is the La Roche Posay Trio Set which comes with a face wash, toner and an anti blemish moisturiser (my fave) – this also really does the job and only costs £32.50 for the lot. I’ve only moved to these products as I feel my skin got use to the other three products and I wanted a toner with zinc in it.

La Roche Posay Review
Step 2 – Use Toner |  Step 3 – Moisturise | Step 4 – Use targeted spot cream

I love all of these products as they are all for acne prone skin and the face wash is also non-comedogenic which is perfect for this skin type. I found that these products all work well together as well, nothing leaves my skin feeling tight or dry after.

I hope this was helpful as I know a lot of you have asked me about how I cleared up my skin (even though it is still farrrrrrr from perfect) these REALLY helped. I never realised how important a toner was until I started using this religiously. My pores became so small & my skin texture just became so smooth and refined.

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