Every now and then, I post a picture on Instagram with a long-ass caption about how social media isn’t real etc & whilst a lot of you do care to read it, you do get the very odd trolls that have something negative to say so instead of preaching on there, I will ‘preach’ on here from now.

To be honest, this isn’t even preaching, I just wanna share with you guys, especially the younger generation that social media is not what it seems.

Let’s start off with the fact that it is ONLY a highlight reel. We only show the best of our moments. The times we look our best.. Sometimes not even when we look best, sometimes it’s just finding the best lighting, best angles, best poses to be the most flattering as possible. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this because let’s face it, who really takes pics of themselves when they feel they look bad or are having a shit day? It’s not something anyone wants to do when they’re having a bad day! However, the issue begins when the followers genuinely assume that all these “perfect” looking girls with perfect hair, perfect outfits, perfect bodies; actually always look like that. Fact of the matter is, nobody does. I really started to realise when I posted a snapchat picture wearing converse and jeans and someone made a comment about “oh you wear trainers now?” I was like “WHAT! I literally live in trainers!” Day to day I don’t even wear make up! My hair isn’t even styled, I will literally throw anything on in the morning and just go to work looking like a tramp! I only take pictures when I’m made up and dressed up because that’s when I feel like I actually have something to take a picture of! I live in and love my nike runner shoes, Stan smiths, vans & converse!

Next point; all these MUAs and bloggers with “perfect make up and perfect skin” I will assure you that about 90% of them either 1) facetune and airbrush their skin or 2) use cameras that have a built in ‘beautifying filter’ which smoothes the skin. This looks gorgeous for pics as it enhances the make up and shows everything better but just as a friendly reminder that EVERYONE has lines, pores and sometimes blemishes too. If someone’s skin looks flawless, like almost too good to be true; that’s probably ‘cos it isn’t true. Humans aren’t dolls, we don’t have pore-less airbrushed skin lol! Even girls with flawless skin (meaning: even skin tone, no spots, no big pores etc) still obviously have actual pores in their skin. Do you guys get where I am going with this?

I guess I just want everyone to understand that you shouldn’t put people you see on social media on a pedestal. They are regular people who just have a following because of whatever reason & for a lot of them; it does become their job. Which brings me to my next point..

Social Media is so powerful. It can honestly get you places, you can collaborate with brands and people from all over the world; you can literally earn a living from these collaborations! Just like with any other job, there are things that come along with it and there are specific job roles and expectations. For a brand wanting to work with a blogger/influencer; they look at that person’s overall feed/style & engagement. Naturally, bloggers/influencers will then do the most (lol) to take the most flattering pics and edit them the most flattering way so that they are appealing 1) general public & their followers & 2) the brands which is where the money comes into play.

To sum it up, don’t compare yourselves to ANYONE especially not anyone over the internet, don’t wish to look like someone else, don’t wish for anything of someone else’s –  As J. Cole said “there’s no such thing as a life that’s better than yours” / Not everything is as it seems and believe me everyone has insecurities, even those perfect girls you look up to, they also have insecurities and most likely wish they had something else of someone else’s. Focus on loving yourself for who you are; no good has ever come from comparing yourself to others. When I was freelancing as a make up artist, I met so many beautiful young girls and women that had so much negative stuff to say about themselves, they would complain about their blemishes, their dis-colouration or pigmentation or whatever else; & it would make me so sad because they have no idea how beautiful they are and just how normal and common it is to have these issues. We are humans, we aren’t perfect!!!! We’re not suppose to be. Some days I wake up and I’m like “yasssss skin come thruuuuu”, other days I’m literally like “for fuck sake!” we all have our good and bad days, we all have things we don’t like. I’ve come to terms with my natural face and blemish-prone skin and honestly I can say I feel just as comfortable without make up as I do with make up. Of course, I feel more confident with it, but I’m genuinely comfortable with showing both & couldn’t care less.