I’ve wanted a keratin treatment for probably about a year and a half but I’m so picky when it comes to my hair (I cut it myself) so it took me so long to find someone to do it! 

So before I go into explaining the rest of the story lol for anyone who doesn’t know what a keratin smoothing treatment is, it’s just a treatment to remove and smooth frizz for a few months. Most say it lasts up to 6 months, but it is dependant on your hair type, shampoos and aftercare. Keratin is a protein we already have in our hair, so this treatment basically coats your hair in the protein, which gets locked in your hair cuticles. Meaning you can just wash and go. If you still need to straighten it, the time should be cut down in half. The treatment prevents frizz in humidity (perfect for summer). It also really helps over processed, bleached or coloured hair. It doesn’t cure it permanently of course but whilst the product is in, it will drastically change the appearance of your hair texture. This isn’t like Japanese straightening, your hair won’t be completely straight and you don’t have to wait for regrowth to get your real hair texture back, this washes out gradually after a few months and your hair texture/type will reappear gradually. 

Any more info: I would really recommend researching it as much as possible; I read forums online for months and even watched all the YouTube videos I could find. Also as a disclaimer, a lot of these treatments and brazilian blow outs have formaldehyde in it. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, there are alternative options that don’t contain the chemical, but these won’t make your hair as straight. Note that keratin itself doesn’t make your hair straight, it’s any other added chemicals which will be the ones to keep your hair straighter. The one Burcin used doesn’t contain formaldehyde. 

Now to begin with my personal story – As I said, I researched for months. I wanted to go to someone who specialises in keratin treatments and does them day in day out. I know some hair dressers (amazing ones, too) but I didn’t see any photos of their keratin before and afters so I was sceptical about going, because as I said I’m super picky and I’ve heard horror stories of the keratin not being done properly and left people with crispy frazzled hair. 

I came across Burcin’s Instagram through searching hashtags on Instagram and I stalked her profile for ages before even sending her a message! I asked her a tonne of questions before and even after I had a date booked! She was so lovely and answered everything even though I was most probably being super annoying lol! 

She is a hair dresser, works in a salon but also works mobile to do the keratin treatments! I was super excited to get this done as my frizz is just out of control most days. I’ve managed to find products to really tame it and smooth my hair but if the weather conditions change, so does my hair. 

I washed my hair two days after the treatment (I was able to wash mine same day but didn’t need to) I left it two days and then thought “F it” as it was really flat and greasy looking – I was so excited but scared to see how my hair will dry. To really test the treatment i didn’t apply any conditioner at all and omg my hair dried straight! To my surprise it really dried straight and smooth! I used no conditioner and it just feels insaneeeeely soft!  I have wavy curly hair (mainly wavy now as I’ve been straightening it for years) so I assumed my hair was going to be quite straight with maybe some kink. I have some wave left underneath where my roots are because that’s the curliest part of my hair anyway. 

Things to know: 

  1. Burcin has two bottles. One that will just remove the frizz and keep your curls or waves. The second one is a bit stronger and makes it a tad straighter but still not poker straight (this will depend on how curly or wavy your hair is. (I had the second bottle which I believe is the yellow bottle) I explained to her that I straighten my hair a a lot and I think she could just tell I did from the split ends lol! 
  2. You NEED to use sulphate free shampoo because as explained it isn’t a permanent thing and the product does wash out, so using sulphate shampoos will wash it out sooner. 
  3. Please research it and look into reviews with people of all hair types but especially people that have similar hair type to you.
  4. The hair must be freshly washed (without conditioner) and then blow dried. The product is then applied all over your hair and left on for ten minutes. It gets blow dried once again with the product in and then straightened to lock in the product. This is the most time consuming part because your hair is straightened in very small sections and has to go over it a few times. Hence why it will be super flat until you wash it!

I can’t really think of anything else to add except that I absolutely love how my hair looks and feels right now and I cannot believe it’s my hair! It is so smooth and soft and I keep thinking I’ve straightened so I’m scared to get it wet but then remember it’s just like that and I can do whatever !!! It’s the best feeling! I can’t wait to see how the next few months go as I’ve had to cut quite a few inches off my hair not long ago, I want to grow out all hair dye until it’s my 100% my own natural colour so I feel having this treatment done will prevent me from using straighteners/heat and let it grow healthily. 

I would 110% recommend Burcin especially as she can come to yours to do it. It’s in the comfort of your own home and she’s just so lovely. 

*disclaimer* I paid full price for this and I was not asked to do a blog post or even post on Instagram however I wanted to as so many of you DMd me when I posted the pic on my insta story & I genuinely love the result so far so wanted to share. 

This is a before and after of a wash and go now. As you can see there’s very very little kink left! 

PS my hair is all brown now but it always looks different in different lighting in pics lol! 

Any other questions feel free to comment down below or DM me! 
Burcins business page where you can contact her is @brazilian.keratin.blowdry